Areas we serve

Region of Mississauga

We serve the entire region of Mississauga, Ontario and have been provided regular pest control and extermination services in the region. We serve both residential and commercial areas and we have always strived to provide the best possible service when it comes to the extermination of pests. As soon as we receive a call for extermination, we immediately launch into action and get started with the procedure of inspection. Once this has been completed, we go on to the extermination and control stage and finally conduct a thorough disinfection of the area for making it safe for our clients.

Mississauga Extermination is a locally owned and operated organization,and hence prides itself in providing clients with a superior quality of service, we have been able to attend to each customer’s needs on a priority basis and always strived to ensure that the job is well completed as soon as possible. There are numerous different techniques we employ, which vary according to the type of service that is required by each client. We aim to provide relief from pest infestations to as many people as possible in the entire region of Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

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